SPAATY Adds Arts Courses

What is that extra A for? No, it isn’t a typo. Under the Mississippi Talent Development Initiative, SPATY is being expanded to include courses in the Arts and will now be recognized as SPAATY. Our Director is working with professors from a variety of areas on campus to update academic and artistic courses for the Summer of 2023.

Students are invited to apply to the program now to insure their place on the roster. Courses will be released as they are approved over the next several weeks. Courses currently approved include: Debate and Stagecraft. Be on the lookout for more courses in a variety of Academic and Arts areas!

SPAATY applications are now open – just click here!

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Professionally, I serve as the Director of The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies at The University of Southern Mississippi. We have many wonderful things happening at the Center and hope you will check in here frequently to learn more.

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