PK-12 Student Programs

All Summer Programs have been completed. Registrations are NOW CLOSED>

The following is provided ONLY as an example of recent offerings. Again – Registrations are NOW CLOSED.

Application Deadlines are as follows:

  • May 15: Day Programs
  • June 1: Residential Programs

Some partial, need-based scholarships are available for our residential programs. Scholarship Application Deadlines are different and are provided when you indicate your interest in applying for a need-based scholarship in the general application.

Residential Programs:

Leadership Studies Program

Leadership Banquet Student Presenters with Teachers and Counselors, and Dr. Houston

Important Information About the Leadership Studies Program:

Offered annually, this residential program invites students to assess their own leadership potential, gain individualized instruction on growing in that potential, and provides each student the opportunity to develop a platform for community development.  Three Levels of courses are available in this program and must be taken in order. Students may take each course in one summer, or choose to return over the course of several years to complete their Leadership journey. Community investors provide mentorship and guidance during afternoon sessions and cheer students on during our Annual Leadership Banquet.   During the Banquet students present their platforms, impassioned speeches, or research on past leaders of their choosing to numerous community leaders.  Students in recent years have raised more than $5000.00 for their various causes once they have returned home to execute their plans.  Recreation, room, and board are included. Additional growth and mentorship opportunities are available as an optional second week during Leadership III. 

Dates and costs:
  • Leadership I, II, and III will be offered during the week of June 27-July 2, 2022
  • Cost is $750.00

Course Offerings for Leadership Studies 2022

Leadership I

Learn your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Build basic skills such as public speaking, team leadership, and idea generation.

Leadership II

Delve Further into teams with an understanding of situational and transitional leadership. Help your team work together and know when to instruct and when to let them be creative.

Leadership III

Grow your ideas and skills while you dive into the world of entrepreneurship. Learn the very basics of philanthropy and compare the various characteristics of for-profit and not-for-profit structure and management.

Summer Program for Academically Talented Youth

Biology Studies Conduct Porcine Kidney Dissection

Important Information About the SPATY Program:

This two-week residential program brings together the talents of engaging professors and instructors from across the Southern Miss Campus and Community with highly able students who desire to try their hand at accelerated course work.  Students spend two weeks diving into courses designed to give them the experience of studying at their own rapid pace and gaining a sense of the world of work and the university resources. Students have opportunities to visit the USM arm of the Mississippi Crime Lab, Polymer Science Labs, Nursing Simulation Labs,  Art Galleries, Musical performances, Rock Wall Climbing, and personalized time with the Honors College Admissions team.  Recreation, room, and board are included.

Dates and costs
  • June 20 – July 2, 2022
  • $2000.00

Course Offerings for SPATY 2022

Math on a Mission (Math) – Math Score

If you are the one who asks – “when will we ever use this?” – because you have high hopes for the answer – then this class is for you. We will explore the ways that mathematics informs the work world through developing surveys, analyzing real world data, and understanding the truth about probabilities.  Whether you are into fashion design, culinary arts, or construction, your entrepreneurial spirit will find its place in this course.

Geologic Gyration (Science) – Science Score

What makes mountains move and distributes scarce resources throughout the world? Come find out with an exploration of geology. Find out about geological anomalies right here in Mississippi and how they changed local history.

Strategy and Society (History/Politics/Social Sciences) – Language or Reading Score

Research the dynamic societies that built formidable empires and then discover the strategies that pulled them down. From the Byzantine Empire, to the Former Soviet Union, learn about the parallels forces that build and destroy societies in any era.

Acoustic Anomaly (Science/Music) – Science or Math Score

Work with musicians, recording experts, and even doctors to study how sound can create beautiful patterns, change moods, and destroy diseases. What innovations will you develop using sound as your platform?

Summer Gifted Studies Program

The Summer Gifted Studies Program is now in its forty-forth year and is the one that started it all! With the success of the very first summer program, the University agreed that the Center for Gifted Studies should be established the following year. This one week intensive program offers students in grades four through eight the opportunity to explore interesting topics through an integrated unit of study. This program introduces our upper elementary and middle grades students to residential life and rigorous study. Students enjoy fascinating courses during the day and experience ample recreation and social activities in the afternoons and evenings.

Dates and Costs
  • June 20-25,2022
  • $750.00

Course offerings for SGS 2022

Discover, Design, Develop

Students in this class will investigate various scientific discoveries throughout history and will meet scientists that are making new discoveries today.  This course looks at the way discovery leads to designing new products, and how we develop strategies for marketing new developments to the broader world.  A combination of science, design, and marketing.

Crypto-Currency Creativity

Learn the basics of economic theory by studying the latest monetary innovation – cryptocurrency.  Examine the ups and downs of the stock market and learn how to tell whether these new innovations are wise investments.  Look at historical approaches to barter, trade, and investment to compare how far we’ve come.

Author Attitudes

Who is the Lady of the London Bridge? And who was the dish who ran away with the spoon?  Where did Dorothy loose her silver slippers and why did the movie industry change them into rubies? In this course, students will take a look at the historical events that authors used to craft well-known stories.  These works will be used as exemplars to help young authors, historians, and researchers develop their own stories.  We will look at the difference between academic writing, journalism, book-length non-fiction, and fiction too.   This class is currently closed.

Eagle Airey 

Learn about Eagles and other birds of prey. Research migratory patterns, conservation efforts, and anatomical structures that make eagles and other birds such fascinating creatures. 

Robotics Review

Hattiesburg is full of robots that do amazing jobs. From the delivery robot at Izzo, to the simulation manikins in USM’s Nursing department and more.  Learn how each step taken by each one is planned and ordered by programmers and coders who understand the needs of the end users.  What kind of problems will you solve with your coding abilities?

Day Programs

Summer in the Middle – Room still available

Designed with our middle grades students in mind, this new program offers a format similar to our other popular day programs. While taking on ever more creative and dynamic exploration of topics they will love, students can still embrace the flexibility afforded by a half-day program. Middle grades are wonderful years of growth and discovery and during this time there are wide differences in individual development. This program may meet your family’s needs to serve as an extended transition to our residential programs.

dates and costs
  • June 13-17
  • $200.00

Course Offerings for 2022 SIM Program Include

Furious Fires

Forest fires have been on the rise in the past several years.  Find out why as we research the elements of fire, the natural and synthetic retardants available, as well as best practices in forestry and land management. This class includes a mock trial and hones students debate skills.

Impossible Inventions

We once thought that flight was only for the birds, and now we have airplanes of all shapes and sizes.  Fire used to be our only light source, and now we have amazing light shows and hundreds of types of bulbs.  What problems will you solve with the impossible inventions in your mind?

Young Gifted Students – Registration has closed for the YGS Program this year.

Designed to serve the youngest of our students, the Young Gifted Students program is a one-week, half-day program offered in the summer each year. Students explore their own strengths and weaknesses as learners while they discover the joy of accelerated curriculum. Vocabulary development and broad exploration of integrated topics make this a program your young child will talk about for a long time.

Dates and Costs
  • June 6-10, 2022
  • $200.00

Course Offerings for Summer 2022 Include:

Pre-K: Glorious Gardens

Students in Pre-K will explore the world of the garden.  Topics include soils, composting, pollinators and insects, flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Kindergarten-1st Grade: Marvelous Me

Early Elementary students will enjoy this first look at anatomy and physiology as we study the systems of the body.  Each day students will focus on a new body system.  Digestion, Respiration, Movement, and the Senses will all be studied from a systems perspective allowing students to understand the remarkable ways their body and brain serve them well.

2nd-3rd Grades: Cantankerous Calendars

Did you know that there are more than 50 types of calendars humans have used over the centuries?  We will explore the cultures and mathematicians that created these calendars and explore their similarities and differences.

Saturday Gifted Studies Program – This program will return in 2023

1st Graders Experimenting During Saturday Program

Offered each January/February, this five-week program is thoughtfully designed to provide your child with the most innovative content and engaging learning methods available in gifted education today. Students in elementary grades participate in one math/science based course and one humanities based course throughout the program.  Students in Middle Grades choose from a variety of offerings and dive deeply into topics of interest.  Campus mentors often visit classes or welcome students into their labs to see a variety of future opportunities.

Applications are now closed for the 2022 Summer Session. All Programs have been completed.