PK-12 Student Programs

New Program Offerings will be announced soon! Check in often to see how we are growing!

Leadership Banquet Student Presenters with Teachers and Counselors, and Dr. Houston

Important Information About the Leadership Studies Program:

  • Offered annually, this one-week residential program invites students to assess their own leadership potential, gain individualized instruction on growing in that potential, and provides each student the opportunity to develop a platform for community development.  Students may return for three years for additional growth and mentorship opportunities.  Community investors provide mentorship and guidance during afternoon sessions and cheer students on during our Annual Leadership Banquet.   During the Banquet students present their platforms, impassioned speeches, or research on past leaders of their choosing to numerous community leaders.  Students in recent years have raised more than $5000.00 for their various causes once they have returned home to execute their plans.  Recreation, room, and board are included.

Summer Program for Academically Talented Youth

Biology Studies Conduct Porcine Kidney Dissection

Important Information About the SPATY Program:

Offered in July, this three-week residential program brings together the talents of engaging professors and instructors from across the Southern Miss Campus and Community with highly able students who desire to try their hand at accelerated course work.  Students spend three weeks diving into topics such as Secrets and Codes, Scribbles on Paper, Advanced Debate, Chemistry Mysteries, and Advanced Mathematics.  These courses are designed to give students the experience of studying at their own rapid pace and gaining a sense of the world of the university.  Students have opportunities to visit the USM arm of the Mississippi Crime Lab, Polymer Science Labs, Nursing Simulation Labs,  Art Galleries, Musical performances, Rock Wall Climbing, and personalized time with the Honors College Admissions team.  Recreation, room, and board are included.

Saturday Gifted Studies Program

1st Graders Experimenting During Saturday Program

Offered each January/February, this five-week program is thoughtfully designed to provide your child with the most innovative content and engaging learning methods available in gifted education today. Students in elementary grades participate in one math/science based course and one humanities based course throughout the program.  Students in Middle Grades choose from a variety of offerings and dive deeply into topics of interest.  Campus mentors often visit classes or welcome students into their labs to see a variety of future opportunities.