Services for Teachers

Day of Sharing for Teachers:

  • Audience: Teachers
  • Offered: Spring Semester
  • Location: Hattiesburg MS (with online access through Zoom)
  • Cost: $25.00 (0.5 CEUS)

Teachers join us to hear about new and exciting strategies for reaching gifted students and are able to share their own classroom units through a refereed selection process.

Professional Learning Seminars:

  • Audience: School Districts, Gifted Coordinators, Consortium Members, Teachers
  • Offered: Year-Round for your PD Convenience
  • Location: Varies (Hattiesburg Campus, Your Location, Zoom or other Video conference)
  • Cost: Varies (CEU options, Training materials, inclusion of snacks or lunches increase cost)

We will design a half-day, or whole-day seminar based around the needs of your school, district, or cohort. Past Topics have included:

  • Building Connections between General and Gifted Education Classrooms
  • Strategies for Gifted Students in the General Education Classroom
  • Moving from Teaching to Individualized Coaching for your Students
  • Technology-based Reading Strategies for Gifted Students

Professional Learning Seminars Available from The Karnes Center for 2020

The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies provides professional Learning Seminars for School Districts throughout the school year.  Schools are encouraged to select teachers from general, special, and gifted education backgrounds to attend.  Seminars can be whole or half day events and are designed around the needs of your district.  Costs are determined based on the a-la-cart options you select.  One-day events can stand alone or be the springboard for a full-year of professional support for your teachers. Long term arrangements require research commitments. Contact us as early as possible to schedule your custom learning experience.

Meal Offerings:

  • Coffee Service with Morning Snacks: $10.00 per person
  • Full Day (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack): $25.00 per person
  • Custom Meal Service (Varies based on selections through Southern Miss Catering)

Attendees may also choose to have no meal offerings and break for lunch on their own.  Time away from courses will impact the number of CEUs available.


  • Not available for ½ day only events.
  • Full Day Programs can be scheduled between 0.5 and 0.7 CEUs: $15.00-25.00 per person

Half Day Courses:

Each of these courses makes up 1/2 day of Instruction. Choose two for a full day Seminar or select a full day option below.

Social Emotional Support for Gifted Students

                Learn Best Practices for helping high-ability and gifted students succeed in spite of anxiety, depression, perfectionism, and procrastination.  Metacognitive Questions to redirect thought patterns and Classroom Design for proactive elimination of Overwhelm.

Identification and Service for Gifted English Learners

                Don’t miss some of your brightest students.  Engage English Learners in non-verbal activities to monitor for high-ability. Eliminate bias from the identification process. Develop a program of support for continuous progress.

Talent Development 101: Eliminate the SES Barriers in Your Gifted Programs

                Learn strategies to engage all learners in your school in talent-finding activities.  Discover two models for supporting emerging learners and make decisions for implementation in your school.

Differentiation Stations

                We think we can, we think we can!  Get your differentiation skills on track to support the diversity of learners in your classroom. An introduction to a variety of differentiation strategies that are as motivating to students as they are beneficial to your gradebook.

Full Day Workshops:

Workshops may be pursued as a one-day introduction.  However, follow-up support is available for schools who commit to implementing the ideas learned in these full-day sessions in their school. Researchers from the Center will work with you to provide evidence of the results.

Differentiation in Action:

            This full day Workshop starts with Differentiation Stations and moves into the details of your own classroom. Not just an introduction, but a hands-on guide to redesigning the next several weeks of your class.

Talent Development 201:

                This full day workshop picks up where 101 left off.  Take a hard look at how you will implement the ALM or the School-Wide Enrichment Model.  Use this day to develop the skills of your Change Force Team and devise a time-line for implementation.

Gifted and . . .:

                Bring a team of teachers together from general, special, and gifted education backgrounds to devise a plan of support for the twice exceptional learners in your school.  Learn to communicate with teachers working from every angle to create a Differentiated Education Plan (DEP) for these unique and challenging students.

Call us today for a consultation based on your specific training needs. (601) 266-5236.