SPATY Courses for July 2020

We are so excited about this year’s lineup for SPATY! With wonderful instructors for each and every class, we know that you will find something to amaze you. Join us at Southern Miss this July for a view from the top!

APPsolution . John Perry

People use Android apps on phones, tablets, and watches. Have you ever wondered how that’s done? This course will show you how to write Android apps, while simultaneously acquiring skills in Kotlin, a modern, well-designed programming language that is now the preferred language for Android development! We will work in an Integrated Development Environment, design interfaces, study simple apps, learn how “modules” combine to make more sophisticated apps, and by the end you will design, implement, and install your own simple app to a device.

Piecing Together the Past . Elizabeth Greer

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in the ancient world? Why did they bury their leaders with goods for the afterlife? Why was a Chinese emperor buried with a clay army? Why did the Greeks invent the yoyo? Our distant past is full of fascinating stories and lessons to help us understand the world we live in today. In this class, students will take an explosive journey to three of the most important civilizations in our world’s story. Through the study of Mesopotamia, Greece and Persia, and China, history will come alive, and students will have the chance to gain knowledge about the cultures and conduct independent research under the guidance of a trained historian. Students will gain a full understanding about these civilizations through the lenses of history, geography, math, science, literature, and the arts. Come take a trip to the distant past!

Judicial Triforce . Rachelle Steinhauer

As long as there has been civilization, there has been law.  But have you ever wondered just how much the concepts of law affect our lives?  In this three week study, you will take an intensive, hands on look at the importance of the law and legal concepts in the areas of literature, society and the environment in which we live.  Each of the three topics will all be taught through the lens of various areas of study including social studies, English language arts, and science and technology.  We will not only analyze famous works, newspaper articles, personal accounts, court documents and the like, but we will also hold debates, design works of art, produce original poetry, and conduct simple experiments in order to further understand the means in which the concept of law holds together the world we know today.

Maths in Motion . Tammy Sealy

Encompassing the range of math courses typically available in high school from Algebra I through Calculus and Statistics, the goal of this course is for each student to master as many mathematics concepts as their individual potential allows. Most students will complete at least one mathematics subject during the course. Diagnostic testing and individualized instruction allow students to work at their own pace and focus on material they have not previously mastered. Students must enjoy mathematics and be able to work independently to gain the most benefit from the class.

Psychology Double Header . Faith Brown & Kendal Smith

In this course, students will experience the study of psychology from two distinct perspectives, taught by two instructors with considerable experience in each area.

  • Psychology of Meaning: What makes life meaningful and how do we achieve those things? A variety of factors that cause people to see their lives as important and worthwhile will be covered in this course. The purpose of this course is to answer four predominant questions. 1) What are some of the main factors that make life meaningful? 2) What are the benefits of seeing life as meaningful? 3) What happens if people do not find meaning in a part of their lives? 4) Since meaning is so important in people’s lives, how might they strive to gain a sense of meaning?
  • Research in Animal Behavior: Wouldn’t you agree that animals do some amazing things? We will explore the intersection of biology, psychology, development, and environmental sciences to delve into the observation, measurement, and explanation of non-human species. Discussions and demonstrations from animal trainers and zookeepers from the local area, including the Award Winning Hattiesburg Zoo, will aide in our study and provide motivation and career inspiration. Practical application of research methods will take place with our feral populations here on campus.

Important Information About the Summer Program for Academically Talented Youth (SPATY):

  • Dates: July 6-25, 2020
  • Application Fee: $30.00
  • Tuition: $2700.00
  • Location: The University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg Campus (Exact classroom locations are provided only to registered families.)

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Professionally, I serve as the Director of The Frances A. Karnes Center for Gifted Studies at The University of Southern Mississippi. We have many wonderful things happening at the Center and hope you will check in here frequently to learn more.

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